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39 months ago
Created with input from our 3-gun shooting team, the Stag 3G Comp answers the call of shooters looking for a muzzle device to help control muzzle rise for quick follow up shots often required in 3-Gun competition.SpecsLength: 2.25"Width: .85"Material: SteelCoating: Manganese PhosphateCaliber: 5.56/.223Threading: 1/2x28Classification: Muzzle BrakeSKU: STAG300329FAQThere are no FAQ for this item
Stag Arms 1160
46 months ago
The .300 Blackout compensator helps reduce recoil when shooting and if permanently attached, they are post-ban legal. Specs Length: 1.8" Width: .925" Material: Steel Coating: Manganese Phosphate Caliber: .300 Blackout Threading: .30 caliber 5/8x24 Classification: Muzzle Brake SKU: SA160051
Stag Arms 1147
54 months ago
The 6.8 SPC Compensator helps reduce recoil when shooting.SpecsLength: 1.75"Width: .9375"Weight: 2.6 ozMaterial: SteelCoating: Manganese PhosphateCaliber: 6.8 SPC IIThreading: 1/2x36Classification: Muzzle BrakeSKU: STAG300676FAQThere is no FAQ for this item. 
Stag Arms 606