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3 months ago , by Dealer
Lightweight, durable, and reliable are exactly what you should look for in a magazine. Look no further than the UTG windowed polymer magazine! This excellent magazine is built from high-strength glass-filled polymer. Compatible with AR-pattern rifles and designed for 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout. With a high visibility anti-tilt follower, long-life stainless steel spring. Features: Durable polymer construction Hi-vis anti-tilt follower Stainless steel spring Textured for superior grip Windowed to display round count Over-instertion stop Removable flared base plate
17 months ago
UTG RBT-AM30: UTG has designed this fantastic polymer magazine that is guaranteed to function flawlessly in any environment. UTG is known for its quality products, and this 30 round magazine is no exception. This magazine has endured extensive testing from the manufacturer from extreme temperatures, dropping, crushing, and more. This windowed magazine from UTG is one of the best out there.Please see Brutus' Description for complete details. MPN#: ACC-UTG-30RDMAG UPC#: 4717385556003