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3 days ago
078-000-466WB AR-15 25rd Magazine Straight Body Steel Cartridge: 223 Remington Capacity: 25-Round Quantity: 1 Finish: Black Material: Steel Description Specs The Final Touch of Historical Detail for Your "Retro" Rifle - Plus 5 Extra Rounds
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Brownells 345
1 week ago
- Use this filler to get the coupon code working HERE 078-000-484WB BRN-10® 308 Magazine 20rd Waffle Aluminum Cartridge: 308 Winchester Capacity: 20-Round Quantity: 1 Finish: White Material: Aluminum Description Specs The Right Look for Your Retro Rifle, Without Sacrificing Reliability
3 months ago
078-000-454WB AR-15 Magazine 5.56mm 30-Rd Aluminum Grey Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO Capacity: 30-Round Quantity: 1 Finish: Black Material: Aluminum Description Specs Life's Too Short to Rely on Cheap AR Mags Even if you have the world's best, battle-ready, quality-built AR-15, all it's good for is firing a single shot if you don't have a quality magazine that'll feed reliably. The Brownells 5.56mm AR-15 Magazine is built right to ensure trouble-free feeding in any of your go-to rifles.
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Brownells 1246