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1 month ago
The combination of 400 series stainless steel and heat treatment makes this magazine one of the most heavy-duty in the industry today, with only a slight increase in weight. It can take a beating that would destroy an aluminum magazine and continue to perform admirably with enhanced strength, reliability and performance.  Brand: C Products Caliber Gauge: 6.8 SPC Magazine Capacity: 28 Platform: AR-15 Magazines MPN#: 2868041207CPD
2 months ago
C Products Defense developed their 30-round .223 stainless steel magazine to provide a light weight, more durable alternative to the standard aluminum and plastic magazines available on the market today. Utilizing 400 series .020 thick stainless steel, as opposed to .040 thickness for aluminum, CPD was able to get a much stronger magazine with minimal added weight. CPD's fully robotic welds ensure impeccable strength and consistency. The Isonite finish provides a dark black surface that can't be scratched off.