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3 weeks ago
Can you ever have too many AR-15 magazines? Real rifle fans scoff at the question. Make sure you’ve got what you need to actually enjoy your time at the range instead of loading up fresh mags there all the time – or prep your arsenal for a real emergency – with this addition of this AR mag from SDS Imports!
4 months ago
The SDS Imports AK-47 magazine is made from heavy duty steel with a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance. These mags hold up to 30 rounds of 7.62.39 ammunition and is compatible with any AK type rifle. The all steel construction is extremely durable and the locking lugs wont sheer when you fumble a magazine change. This AK-47 30 round magazine is a great affordable option for stocking up as the steel feed lips and reliable follower spring won't bend or lose power over long periods of time being stored fully loaded. Stock up today! Features: - Fits AK pattern rifles