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2 months ago
Details This is an Elite Tactical Systems CLEAR 15-round magazine for Glock 19 and 26 pistolsin 9mm Combat ready and crystal clear, ETS magazines featuring polymer construction with steel internal springs and specially-designed ergonomic baseplates for quicker handling & reloads. Crafted from advanced, ultra-robust polymer, Elite Tactical Systems’ iconic clear magazines allow for instant at-a-glance ammo checks and maximize the “cool” factor for your favorite pistol. Engineered to offer supreme reliability and performance at a price that’s hard to beat, look no further than ETS.
4 months ago
Every good rifle needs to be supplemented with a stock of high-quality magazines. Magazines are often the primary source of a rifle’s malfunctions, and poorly made magazines can easily stop a firearm in its tracks. When seconds count, there’s no reason to take the risk with low quality. Fortunately, E-Lander has you covered.