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2 months ago
*This kit is normally priced around $420-$440, shipping from Primary Arms is usually $7 to $9 with lots of options. I apparently got the last (or only one) of the 20" Odin grendel combos they had available for $320, as it was out of stock immediately after my order...* Odin Works 18" 6.5 Grendel DMR profile with Intermediate Gas System. Includes the intermediate gas tube and tunable gas block as well as an Odin Works 6.5 Grendel complete bolt carrier group. Barrel Coating: None Barrel Contour: DMR Barrel Length: 18 Barrel Material: Stainless Steel Brand: Odin Works
33 months ago
ODIN Works - Delta Team Tactical Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now - $89.99 ODIN Works Keymod Handguards for $89.99 for AR-15 and $99.99 for LR-308, no matter the length or style ODIN Works makes products that they have personally experienced a need for or that they have seen an improvement they could make and use themselves. ODIN Works has developed some of the most cutting edge designs on the market today. Some designs may look similar but it is really when you get your hands on their product that you experience the difference.
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