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2 months ago
Our Signature Series slides are our finest, most interesting, and radical creations. Each individual Signature Series was hand picked to showcase our innovation in machining.
6 months ago
SHIPPING UPPER IS SILVER What is a grey man? It’s someone who has chosen to carry concealed as part of their daily life, but blend in - be indistinguishable from the people around them, yet possessing skills and training that allow him to be prepared for any circumstance. The grey man doesn’t stand out, he doesn’t advertise, he simply goes through life prepared. What kind of gun does the grey man carry?
9 months ago
Features: Gen3 OEM style profile, nose, and serrations. Made from 17-4 PH1150 stainless steel Made in the USA PVD coated, see more information about PVD here. No returns on coated slides Finishing Info: Internal parts not included, see options here. Barrel not included, see options here or here for pre-PVD coated options. Sights not included, see options in night sights and target sights. Let the LWD experts assemble your slide, just add labor here. AW-SLIDE19-G3-OEM-FDE Lone Wolf R&D LLC
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