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6 hours ago
Building a reliable 9mm AR when using Foxtrot Mike Products. The FM Products FM9 9mm complete lower receiver is machined from a block of billet 7075-T6 aluminum and is compatible with Mil-Spec components. This dedicated 9mm AR lower is designed to be used with the highly popular Glock magazines and even features a last round bolt hold open which is not a common feature of other 9mm lowers. The AR 9mm lower Glock compatible receiver comes finished with trigger, safety selector, carbine buffer tube, pistol grip, bolt release, and takedown pins.
1 week ago
Description Specs Get a jumpstart on your next PCC build with the complete FM Products FM-45 .45 Auto pistol lower receiver. These .45 Auto lower receivers come set up to plug in and play feeding from Glock® .45 Auto magazines and ready for your .45 Auto upper receiver. Complete means these lower receivers come setup with FM Products Mil-Spec fire control group, their proprietary bolt release and magazine release, and a pistol buffer tube with 8oz buffer and .308 buffer spring to handle .45 Auto round.
1 month ago
Description Specs FM Products offers a Brownells exclusive Complete Small Frame Glock style FM9 Billet Pistol Lower Receiver, it comes standard with a Lower Parts Kit, that utilizes no MIM parts. All FM Products' Billet Lower Receivers come with their patented, proprietary Last Round Bolt Hold Open, the best on the market. It also comes standard with a Mil-spec GI Trigger Group, S.S. .308 Carbine recoil Spring and 6.5 oz heavy buffer standard. - Premium Billet 7075 T6 FM Products Glock style small frame (9mm) Lower Receiver