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Brand: ATI
Caliber: MULTI-CAL
Weight: 0.7000
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Brand: ATI
Caliber: Multi-Caliber
Weight: 0.6000
Type: Stripped Lower Receiver

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4 months ago
ATI's Omni Hybrid lower receiver is a multi-caliber AR-15 lower constructed of reinforced polymer and accepts any .223 caliber upper and magazine. This design is patterened after a mil-spec lower and comes complete with a lower parts kits, grip, and M4 6-position stock.Lower Parts Kit InstalledReceiver Extension Tube Installed6-Position Stock InstalledMulti-CaliberHybrid Polymer with Metal InsertsBlackNote: This receiver has been tested and reliably functions with .22LR & 5.56mm NATO but may not work with higher caliber conversions. MPN#: ATIGLOW201
6 months ago
Precision-machined from forged aluminum, ready for any standard AR-15 upper. It's multi-cal, perfect for your next build in .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and more. Multi-caliber Forged aluminum Mil-spec Internal parts not includedOrder today! Item#: 701452 MPN#: ATI GLOWMS UPC#: 813393019074
21 months ago
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