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6 days ago
This lightweight RTB .22 Rimfire Complete Upper Receiver comes with our precision 16 inch pencil barrel and a 12 inch Free-Float MLOK rail, with the flash hider extending past the handguard. The bolt is made of all stainless steel construction and we use an anti-jamb dedicated 22 charging handle. Our RTB branded upper receivers are fully compatible with CMMG or similar 22 components. Our barrels and bolts are fully interchangeable and follow the same pattern as CMMG. Every upper is rigorously inspected before and after being test fired, so light fouling may be present.
1 week ago , by Dealer
Electroless Nickel Teflon has continually proven to outperform traditional Anodizing and Phosphate coatings by leaps and bounds! The increased reliability, corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance make this upgrade a no-brainer. PLEASE NOTE: These uppers are being sold at a discounted rate due to minor imperfection in the base metal. These imperfections are very common but are usually hidden when anodized. Nickel Teflon does not hide them as well. In no way shape or form will these blemishes affect functionality. Features: Forged & machined by Cerro Forge (Key Hole)
6 months ago
This .22LR / 9mm upper receiver assembly is made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum and is finished in armor black cerakote. comes in a slick side configuration and the ejection port door is sized for 9mm and 22LR. The brass deflector is kept in place to help protect you face from gas blow back. .22LR and 9mm AR builds both use direct blow back, which creates more gas to the face than usual. Although the brass deflector is not necessary for these two calibers, it helps mitigate gas to the face. Cerakoted in Armor Black, which has a slightly gray hue when compared to Anodized products.
10 months ago , by Dealer
Stripped M4 Upper Receiver - PROP 65 Freedom Engraving! This stripped upper receiver comes with a novelty Prop 65 freedom engraving. Read the engraving entirely Anodized - Black AR-15 7075-T6 Aluminum A3 Flat Top Forged M4 Feedramps Add a plain or American Flag Completion Kit
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