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1 week ago
AA87020-SC - Archangel Tactical Stock System for Remington 870 20 Gauge- with Receiver Mount Shell CarrierUtilizing a proprietary, lightweight, carbon-fiber reinforced polymer impervious to weather, and able to withstand all standard gun solvents and oils. A six-position, collapsible butt-stock allows shot-gunners of all sizes to find the optimum adjustment for fit and comfort. Specifications for ProMag Archangel Tactical Stock System for Remington 870,20 Gauge: Gun Model: Remington 870 Fabric/Material: Polymer Color: Black
8 months ago
Give your Remington® 700 Rifle a new look and new utility with the Archangel® Precision Rifle Stock. With click-adjustable cheek weld and length of pull, it delivers the perfect fit for bodies of all shapes and sizes. And nice extras like a flared magwell, grip storage, and quick-detach sling swivel sockets make it incredibly user-friendly. Constructed of high-strength carbon fiber-filled polymer Easy to install Remington® 700 short-action rifles (max. length .308 Win.) Click-adjustable cheek weld and length of pull Front and rear quick detach style flush cups Grip storage compartment
23 months ago , by Dealer
AAP1022-The new Archangel AAP10/22 stock in black Technapolymer provides RUGER riflemen maximum adjustability for big or small shooters, and perfect balance for speed shooting or precision bench shooting. The click-adjustable cheek weld and adjustable length of pull encourages a perfect fit to move faster, target to target.
26 months ago
Easily installed on your Ruger 10/22, the PRO-MAG Archangel Nomad Conversion Stock, Ruger 10/22 w/ 10 Rd Magazine (AAM1022-01) features a drop-in fit that requires no gunsmithing. Proprietary carbon fiber reinforced polymer construction will ensure a lifetime of hard use.Its features is aluminum reinforced full length picatinny top rail and hand stop with integrated sling mount, extended and enhanced bolt release and hand guard accessory rail. Also, it has aluminum flash hider that fits all standard barrels and dummy suppressor. SKU#: AAM1022-01 UPC#: 708279010415