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10 hours ago
These days saving weight on your rifle is the name of the game, and the new Tactical Entry Stock (T.E.S.) from Guntec USA is perfect for that. This minimalist stock provides the perfect balance of ergonomics, features, and weight management, leaving you a comfortable, yet compact and lightweight stock. Upgrade your carbine today with the T.E.S.! Features: - Minimalist design to reduce weight and footprint - Short butt plate - Lightweight, high density polymer construction - QD Sling swivel sockets on both sides
1 month ago
The AR-15 Neoprene Pistol Grip is a high-quality grip option constructed of reinforced polymer with double injected neoprene. It features a battery storage compartment that’s O-ring sealed for protection from water. Features: - Reinforced Polymer with Neoprene - Battery storage - Lightweight Guntec USA has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing tactical weapon accessories since 1989. Their goal is to supply excellent quality, at an economical value to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Brand: Guntec USA Color: Black Material: Neoprene Platform: AR-15
9 months ago , by Dealer
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