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1 week ago
Finish your AR-10 build or upgrade your old one with the Guntec USA .308 bolt carrier group. This BCG is designed for tough use with its hardened steel bolt, firing pin, and extractor that won't break under stress. The carrier is made from 8620 steel and has a Nickel Boron coating that is harder than chrome and more slick allowing you to shoot longer between cleaning. It also makes cleaning easier as the carbon buildup will simply wipe off. The gas keys are also properly staked to ensure it won't back out over time.
2 months ago
- Made for 7.62X51 / 308 Cal - 9310 Hardened Steel Bolt, - Hardened extractor S7 tool steel. - Tin COATING (Gold Titanium Nitride Finish) - 17-4 Stainless Steel Firing Pin (Heat treated to H900 Condition) - The group comes fully assembled with properly torqued and staked gas key - HPT/MPI Tested and Marked - 8620 carrier and gas key. - Made in the USA MPN#: GT-BCG-308-TIN