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18 months ago
100-027-615WB AR-15 FM-9 Colt Bolt Carrier Assembly 9mm Black Cartridge: 9 mm Luger Finish: Black Designed to Work in Your Pistol-Caliber Carbine One of the essential components of an AR-style pistol-caliber carbine is the use of a purpose-built bolt that can accommodate the unique internal setup of these blowback firearms. The FM Products AR-15 FM-9 Bolt Carrier Assembly is modeled after similar Colt-style BCGs on the market in order to ensure consistent, reliable function.
Brownells 3781
26 months ago
Foxtrot Mike Products offers the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available. This Premium 45 Cal Bolt Carrier Assembly is compatible with all 45 Cal Pistol Caliber AR builds. Maintaining a harder core than standard 8620 steel, this carrier is machined from Premium 4340 Steel. The outside diameter is precision ground prior to machining in a per-hardened state for improved tolerances post machining and coating. A long duration salt bath nitride finish is applied for a long service life and superior corrosion resistance.