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5 days ago
Featuring our new Right To Bear Lightweight carrier, weighing in at approximately 6.8 Ounces, or 194.1 Grams for you lightweight build fanatics! Using our low mass Carrier creates less reciprocating mass moving back and forth inside the action, which reduces recoil significantly. Our lightweight carrier also allows proper cycling with less gas. When used in conjunction with an adjustable gas block & reduced power buffer spring, you can tune the gas way down, which will reduce muzzle rise and carbon build up.
8 months ago
This full mass carrier is exactly what you need to finish your AR15, M16 or M4 Bolt Carrier Group. Pairs perfectly with any of our bolt completion kits. Bolt, cam pin, firing pin and firing pin retaining pin not included. 8620 Tool Steel (Carrier) Chrome Lined Carrier (AUTO) Chrome lined gas key Mil-Spec Gas Key (4130 Steel) attached with Grade 8 hardware and Properly staked SKU#: PHCLC
13 months ago
AR10 DPMS Pattern BCG - .308 Bolt Carrier Group - Black NitrideThis Black Nitride .308 Complete BCG is compatible with any AR10, .308 or 7.62x51 rifle that follows the DPMS pattern. The carrier includes forward assist serrations and the bolt is (MPI) certified. Bolt:MPI Inspected9310 Alloy Steel Hardened Steel ExtractorMilspec Gas rings (3)Black Extractor Insert2 Viton O-Rings Bolt Carrier:8620 steelHeavy Duty Full Cut DesignGrade 8 Gas Key Screws, StakedGas Key Material - 4140Cam Pin:8620 steel Nickel Boron PlatedFiring Pin:mil-spec firing pin SKU#: DPP-308-SBN
15 months ago
This M16 Bolt Carrier Group drops right into your M16, AR15 or M4 platform rifle. We source our components from manufacturers that meet or exceed Military Specifications. All parts are machined and properly heat treated to Mil-Spec followed by complete Nickel Boron coating with UCT’s Exclusive EXO Technology.