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4 months ago
Adjustable: Adjustable Brand: JP Enterprises Drop In: Standard Assembly Manufacturer.: JP Enterprises Platform: AR-15/AR-308 Total Pull Weight: 3.0 lbs Trigger Bow: Curved Trigger Pin Diameter: MIL-SPEC .154 Trigger Style: Single Stage NOTE: Limit 10 per household. Quantities exceeding 10 will not allow checkout.
6 months ago
Description Back and better than ever, the JPFC-M combines the unrivaled quality of a JP trigger with the convenience of a module. This fire control module is a drop-in trigger solution for any AR-type rifle. With multiple easy-to-change trigger styles and colors, the JPFC-M is the right trigger for every shooter and every build. Each JPFC-M unit includes: - Pre-assembled fire control unit - Reversible ambidextrous safety selector with color-matched levers - JP Oversized Anti-Walk Pins - Alternate hammer spring for both competition or duty applications Features:
8 months ago , by Dealer
Includes an upgraded trigger, trigger spring, disconnector and hammer spring. Easily installed, with a crisp single stage 3 lb pull. Instructions and adjustment tool included. Features A refined, custom trigger kit for the AR-15 that will reduce the weight of pull to as low as 3 to 3.5 lbs with no take-up or creep and a great reset time They are single-stage triggers but can be used for DCM by using the stock spring Trigger set requires installation, but no permanent modification and only simple tools like punches and mallets