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2 weeks ago , by Dealer
Includes an upgraded trigger, trigger spring, disconnector and hammer spring. Easily installed, with a crisp single stage 3 lb pull. Instructions and adjustment tool included. Features A refined, custom trigger kit for the AR-15 that will reduce the weight of pull to as low as 3 to 3.5 lbs with no take-up or creep and a great reset time They are single-stage triggers but can be used for DCM by using the stock spring Trigger set requires installation, but no permanent modification and only simple tools like punches and mallets
14 months ago
Small Pin Trigger Kit, Complete With ARmageddon Roller Trigger, Speed Hammer Code: J5-ART-ARAEM-JPFCP-1EZ-R MPN: JPFCP-1EZ-R UPC: 812872022024