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18 months ago
This is made by Zev This trigger was designed to bridge the gap between the multitude of two stage triggers intended for duty use, and single stage competition triggers.
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20 months ago
100-025-656WB Fulcrum Trigger Bar Assembly for Glock™, FDE Finish: Flat Dark Earth Style: Kit The Most Important Glock Upgrade You Can Make The trigger is one of the essential elements in a Glock® pistol, and the quality of the trigger in these guns can mean the difference between missed shot or a bullseye, depending on the user's preferences. The Zev Technologies FDE Fulcrum Trigger Bar Assembly for Glock® Pistols ensures that users have a quality trigger assembly in their gun that enables them to make precision shots with ease.
40 months ago
The ZEV Technologies™ Adjustable Fulcrum® Ultimate Trigger replacement kit for the Glock® is the single most important upgrade a user can make to their GLOCK®. ZEV's Fulcrum® is the best on the market and currently holds several world records. The Adjustable Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger kit allows you to adjust the trigger and weight and greatly enhances the feel of trigger pull.