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3 weeks ago
Description Our most popular configuration, the Hybrid contour is a mid-weight barrel that offers a perfect balance between weight and intelligently distributed barrel material for excellent heat absorption and consistent harmonics. This barrel can be easily carried in the field all day but will also provide exceptional performance even under extreme use and high rates of fire.
1 month ago
Description The ultralight contour barrel is a lightweight option for those who require a hard use barrel without any added weight. If you are looking for a handy and versatile rifle configuration, this is an excellent and well-balanced option. Headspace (the bolt to barrel fitment), must be checked for optimal performance and reliability.  Proper headspace produces consistent chamber pressures and seating depths which results in increased accuracy and reliability, while reducing wear and tear on internal parts and components. FEATURES
4 months ago
Description When superior rigidity and heat absorption are needed, the HBAR contour is an excellent solution. The HBAR barrel provides superior harmonics under rapid strings of fire. These barrels are optimized for competition use; however, they are also a reliable option for small-game hunting.