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3 weeks ago
Expect nothing less than professional grade weaponry from BCM. The Bravo Company Manufacturing 16" 5.56 NATO Barrel begins with durable 41V50 chrome moly vanadium steel. This MIL-SPEC steel is stronger and will outlast most materials found in the commercial market. The chamber and bore are chrome lined adding protection against fouling and corrosion, ensuring a longer barrel life with less time spent maintaining and cleaning.
8 months ago
Building a reliable 300 Blackout carbine just got easier with this barrel offered by Bravo Company USA. This BCM barrel was designed for optimal performance with the .300 AAC BLK cartridge. However, there is a large variety of .300 BLK ammo out there and Bravo Company recommends using a standard carbine buffer with subsonic ammo or an H3 buffer with high velocity ammo. The BCM 300 Blackout barrel features a continuous taper that helps to decrease weight at the muzzle making your rifle balance extremely well.