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3 months ago
The HERA Arms H3L Magazine was created in order to be the ideal item for anybody needing an outstanding option. These Rifle Magazines through the skilled product experts at HERA Arms are designed by using heavy duty and dependable resources, to be able to provide you with product which will be powerful for quite some time. Made using some of the very best attainable substances and engineering, these particular Rifle Magazines from the product experts at HERA Arms can last an unbelievably long time.
5 months ago
Description The Hera Arms H1 Magazine fits naturally in your hand with its tapered leading edge while a textured surface provides positive control.  Centering support fins along the mag square it off when inserted into the magwell, preventing it from rattling in place. Flush with magazine body, the floorplate is quickly removed by pushing out the locking tab making disassembly a breeze. Color Black, OD Green, Tan Cartridge Compatibility .223/5.56 NATO/.300 BLK Platform AR-15 MPN 13.13 / B, 13.13 / OD, 13.13 / T Magazine Capacity 10 SKU: hera-arms-h1-10rd-magazine
8 months ago
Intended to be regarded as a great item for pretty much anybody, we're certain you are going to enjoy the HERA Arms HCU AR Upper Reciever . Formulated by using some of the most robust and long lasting components available, these AR15 Upper Receivers through HERA Arms can provide a product that will give you many years of consistency. HERA Arms has been making superior quality products for a number of years, and the HERA Arms HCU AR Upper Reciever is their manner of revealing how much they care.
11 months ago
If you're browsing for an amazing deal for the HERA Arms CCS Collapsible Buttstock, then you have come to the right place.These AR15 Stocks from the professional product experts at HERA Arms are made using dependable and efficient resources, in order to provide you with a product that will be useful for a long time.
15 months ago
Description HERA IRS Quad Handguard. All HERA handguards are compatible with each other, thanks to HERA’s proprietary barrel nut. This approach to manufacturing has been integral in making the IRS handguard one of the leading systems on the market. Available in 7″, 9″, 12″, 15″ and 16.5″. Available in Black. Thanks to its reduced diameter and our dedicated barrel nut, our IRS handguard is one of the leading systems on the market. All HERA handguards are interchangeable to provide a consistent platform across generations and models.
16 months ago
Description Hera Arms HRS stock is designed as a premium upgrade to a fixed A2 style stock that is just as durable and half the weight. The HRS Light features reinforced polymer construction and rubber butt pad for maximum comfort. The Minimalist design helps to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. The Sling mounts for flushcups are mounted on both sides so you’ll never run into a sling mounting issue. Additionally, it has sling loops for even more mounting options. Features: - Black, Tan, or OD Green - Uses standard A2 length buffer tubes