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1 month ago
100-020-897WB 9mm JP Silent Captured Spring System Description Specs Designed for the Maxim Defense CQB Stock, the Silent Captured Springs are Maxim exclusives made by JP Rifles. By eliminating the friction found in standard buffer setups, the JP Silent Captured Spring also allows for smoother action resulting in less sound as the bolt cycles. Available in a Standard weight, a Heavy weight for select fire platforms, and a 9mm specific version. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:054 MPN#: 680017475727
12 months ago
When you just want to make it short, the PDW Brace is your huckleberry. That doesn't mean it's short on functionality. The PDW Brace still features rapid deployment. And the dual QD sling attachments in our CQB Series housing have been removed and replaced by a single rear QD plate. Made from the same proven materials as our CQB Series, the streamlined housing and extension tube reduce manufacturing time, making this our most cost effective brace option available. Specifications for Maxim Defense Industries PDW Brace: Length: 6.875 in, 8.375 in, 10 in Weight: 3.3 oz