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1 month ago , by Dealer
LaRue Tactical A-PEG™ Initially designed with the precision shooter in mind, the folks at LaRue Tactical queried trusted individuals in the precision shooting community what they would prefer in a grip. The result is the LaRue A-PEG™. The project grew into an accessory that featured ambidextrous geometry that can be used by all shooters, enchaining control of AR15-type weapons. The A-PEG™ is available in two sizes; Regular (for 5.56 receivers) and Extended (for 7.62 receivers). The Extended version fills the “gap” in AR10-platform receivers.
4 months ago , by Dealer
LaRue 5.56 Complete Lower For the first time ever, in response to the ECR - Election, Covid, & Riots, we are offering a complete LaRue Billet 5.56 Lower assembled and ready to rock. It's even got our renowned solid S7 billet toolsteel MBT-1S single stage trigger installed in it. Be advised, the box will Christmas wrap easily and fit perfectly under your tree. Get 'em while they're hot ! For Black Friday, we built up enough parts on hand and ready to make a total of 800 LaRue Complete Billet Lowers.
5 months ago , by Dealer
LARUE MBT SALE 1 @ $80 ea. 3 @ $75 ea. 5 @ $70 ea. Discount taken when added to cart. Mix and match different triggers works as well. LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger In a world of instantly M.I.M.'d rifle and pistol components, we threw on the brakes, slowed to a walk, and built 2-stage triggers out of solid S7 tool steel plates. Meticulous triggers built by our staff toolmakers ... without a stopwatch in sight.
5 months ago , by Dealer
Quickly find where your optics need to re-attach. These handy low-profile clips were designed to be attached on the rail, against optics, lasers and other MIL-STD-1913 mounted accessories, providing a quick-index to return to the same point...especially in the dark. Each set comes complete with 72 total clips, 60 regular and 12, designed to hold tapeswitch wires along the rail's edge. LaRue IndexClips are easy to install, and stay-put until pried off (a Dillo's foot works really well for this). Several clips in a row can be used to protect a length of rail, and feature a non-slip surface.
6 months ago
Lok Picatinny (LAT) Handguards Slick Picatinny (SAT) Handguards Top of the morning to all y’all !! Here’s all the beer math you’re gonna need … Our new Affordable Overkill ™ handguard line is launching today at a penny per 0.001” = $10 an inch. The 10.0 models are … $100.00, etc. Yes, before you ask, the 12.0 models are $120.00, it’s that easy.
8 months ago , by Dealer
1 @ $80 ea. 3 @ $75 ea. 5 @ $70 ea. LaRue Tactical MBT-2S-SB Straight Bow Trigger This is the long-awaited straight bow (SB) version of the popular curve-bowed MBT-2S. Many precision and competition shooters prefer a flat-faced trigger for greater surface area against the finger-pad and ease of bore indexing from a variety of hasty shooting positions, resulting in faster intuitive shots.
28 months ago
LT204 LaRue C.A.N. QD SPR Mount MPN#: LT204-K