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3 weeks ago
The T3 Titanium is a dual baffle compensator that directs expelled gasses to control muzzle direction. The initial baffle directs gas in a geometrical pattern that stabilizes the rifle system. The second baffle system channels gasses upward to compensate for muzzle rise. This gives the shooter the ability to decrease time between follow up shots and maintain control of muzzle direction. The T3 also mitigates some of the flash that is commonly associated with compensators when used on 16" and longer barrels.
30 months ago
2A Armament is proud to offer our own branded lightweight pencil barrel. These barrels are made in specialized factories and are the same barrels that ship with the BLR-16 rifle. Additional Features: 16in. Twist: 8-Jan Gas System: .078 gas port Finish: N/A Code: 2CU-BRI-2ALWBRL-2A-C556L16PB-1 MPN: 2A-C556L16PB-1 UPC: 854361006740