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29 months ago
The SSAR-15® OGR was the first bump stock created to redefine bump fire on the semi-auto AR-15 rifle. This revolutionary design launched one of the greatest innovations to the firearm industry in decades. With no permanent modifications, the SSAR-15® OGR slides onto most AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube. The style of the OGR was unlike anything on the market. Its unique design and ability to add bump fire capabilities to your rifle, makes it a great addition to your shooting experience.
29 months ago , by Dealer
End of the year Inventory Blowout. All Slide Fire Stocks $5 over cost. In stock, Ships Immediately.
31 months ago
Designed for use on Saiga rifles. Compatible with most unconverted (rifles converted to have the pistol grip and forward trigger placement may be compatible with SSAK-47 XRS stocks) Saiga firearms regardless of caliber. Constructed of premium reinforced high strength polymer. No modifications necessary. Contains one SSAI-MC rifle stock, one Interface Block, mounting hardware, one Hex key and instructions. Code: 2O-RK-XJXRS-10-0501-00 MPN: 10-0501-00 UPC: 857156003849
31 months ago
Customize your AR-15 for bump-fire operation with the Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD Rapid Fire Rifle Stock. Slide Fire Solutions designed these Rifle Stocks for reliable, ambidextrous bump-fire operation on AR15 platforms with a mil-spec carbine style buffer tube. Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD Stocks install easily and switch easily between bump fire and standard shooting. Enjoy the versatility and fun of the Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD Ergonomic Rifle Stock. Code: 2O-RSC-SSAR15S-10-0900-00 MPN: 10-0900-00 UPC: 811093021687
36 months ago , by Dealer
The SSAI-MC line of stocks is compatible with most unconverted* Saiga firearms regardless of caliber. Both the XAE and the XJC models offer the same functionality and compatibility. Available for DEALER PURCHASE
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