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32 months ago
The SSAR-15® OGR was the first bump stock created to redefine bump fire on the semi-auto AR-15 rifle. This revolutionary design launched one of the greatest innovations to the firearm industry in decades. With no permanent modifications, the SSAR-15® OGR slides onto most AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube. The style of the OGR was unlike anything on the market. Its unique design and ability to add bump fire capabilities to your rifle, makes it a great addition to your shooting experience.
32 months ago , by Dealer
End of the year Inventory Blowout. All Slide Fire Stocks $5 over cost. In stock, Ships Immediately.
39 months ago , by Dealer
The SSAI-MC line of stocks is compatible with most unconverted* Saiga firearms regardless of caliber. Both the XAE and the XJC models offer the same functionality and compatibility. Available for DEALER PURCHASE
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