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20 months ago
SGM Tactical Vepr 7.62x54R 10-Round Magazine Be the first to review this product $41.99 SKU: SGMT76254rV AVAILABILITY: In stock The springs are made from heat-treated Chrome- silicon wire for increased reliability and smooth feeding.
55 months ago , by Dealer
No promocode needed! We have been gone for a bit as we closed down our retail front and moved into a industrial/manufacturing building! We are ready to start giving more great deals now! Brand New Glock 17 Slide. We are picturing it in the raw but are shipping it to you in the color of your choice. Great Item if you are building your own Glock! We are constantly looking for new great deals to supply you with. Please don't hesitate to message us on Facebook or Instagram on what you would like to see from us. We have some great ones planned very soon!
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