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23 months ago , by Dealer
Circle 10 "Waffle Pattern" 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine. Original Arsenal Bulgaria Black Polymer MIL-SPEC AK-47 Magazine. A quality magazine is THE most important accessory you can purchase for your rifle. Many of you own AK’s because of their reliability. Why jeopardize its reliability and durability with cheap magazines?
28 months ago
Details Arsenal Circle 10 factory magazine for the AK-74. The maximum capacity for this magazine is 30 rounds. Arsenal designed this magazine to hold 5.56 NATO, and .223 Remington caliber rounds. This factory magazine has a black polymer housing with waffle patterns, and a hi-tensile compression spring embedded for great feed responses. Arsenal Circle 10 magazines are inarguably the finest AK magazines in the world-period. They are the ONLY magazine to pass 100% of the military drop tests, 100% of the time. Arsenal Circle 10 Magazines will fit all mil-spec rifles MPN#: M-74N