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44 months ago
Weight: 4.3 oz Length: 2 1/2" Length added:1.875" Finish: Nitride Mount: Ratchet Mount
44 months ago
To satisfy the requirements of a major U.S. Military Anti-Terrorist unit, AAC has made a number of improvements to the EVOLUTION-45 silencer. The Nielsen Device is now completely integrated within the 1.25 in diameter, aerospace quality aluminum body, yielding a sleek appearance that belies the fact that this is a recoil assisted design. Improvements to the baffle stack and initial expansion chamber have further reduced first round pop and increased the overall level of sound reduction.
98 months ago
16 inch .300 AAC Blackout upper receiver with AAC 51T flash hider and 12" Keymod Rail. Upper Receiver has forward assist and dust cover, M4 Feed ramps, 12" free floating key mod rail and AAC 51T flash hider. The 4150 steel barrel features a black nitride finish (including bore and chamber), 1:7 in. twist for super or sub-sonic use. It comes ready for silencer use.
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