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4 days ago
The NEW Umarex® AirJavelinTM is an all-new category for small game hunting and recreation. Driven by one 88g CO2 capsule and equipped with Umarex arrows, it's the most fun you'll ever have with an arrow rifle. The Straight Flight TechnologyTM arrows receive energy directly to the front of the arrow, allowing the CO2 energy to drive the arrow straight without bending. Umarex arrows accept screw-in field tips and broadheads for ultimate adaptability when target shooting, 3D shooting or small-game hunting. And…it's super efficient.
3 weeks ago
Welcome to the next generation of air-powered big game hunting. The Umarex® AirSaber comes equipped with a high-pressure air tank and PCP power plant that sends arrows flying at velocities up to 450 FPS when fully charged. Air Archery Rifle features a lightweight synthetic stock with rubber buttpad that minimizes recoil, plus built-in Picatinny rails for adding a quiver or other aftermarket accessories. Includes Axeon® 4x32mm scope that's guaranteed accurate out to 70 yards. 450 FPS muzzle velocity Produces 169 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy