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61 months ago
$1.73 ppr $8.64
It's the only .410 Rubber Buckshot available anywhere! You get four .410 rubber balls to use as you see fit... zooms at 1,400 f.p.s. from an 18" barrel and about 1,100 f.p.s. in a 4" revolver. From a Derringer, it flies at 1,000 f.p.s. Almost no recoil, and presents much less of a risk to your family at home in case danger comes your way. Use with caution. As with all ammo, these can cause serious injury, or even death in some circumstances. Gauge: 410 Bore Shell Length: 2-1/2" Shot Weight: 42 Grains Shot Size: 0.406" Shot Type: Rubber Buckshot