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22 months ago
Federal® Gold Medal® Shot Shells. Federal® turns out the highest quality target ammo in the world, and that includes Gold Medal® Shotshells. You get the hardest pellets and Federal's exclusive lead styphnate primers.This is high quality ammo for clay targets or small game hunting. Don't forget to load up on Pellets-00 Buckshot at discount prices.Gauge: .410Shell Length: 2 1/2" / 63 1/2mmDram Equiv.: MAXShot Weight Oz. / grams: 1/2 oz. / 14.17 gm.Shot Size: #8 1/2, 9Muzzle Velocity: 1230 F.P.S.State Shot Size, as available in the Shopping Cart. Order Now! Item number: E704N-36120
37 months ago
20 rounds Federal Premium® .410 Handgun Shells for the popular Taurus® Judge Magnum, now BIG BUCKS OFF! Taurus®'s Judge has emerged as a very popular self-defense weapon. This specialized gun has been without a specialized load until now. Here, Federal introduces 3" loads designed specifically for the Judge. A special hull design and optimal payloads make these loads perfect for this gun.Gauge: .410 AmmoShell Length: 3"Muzzle Velocity: 775 f.p.s.Shot Size: 000Pellet Count: 5Rounds: 20Order today! Item # E643J-184133
49 months ago
SKU: 531 UPC: 029465027476 MFR#: FRS413 7 Specifications Gauge: 12 Gauge Type: Flitestopper Length: 3.5" Ounces: 1-1/2 oz Shot Size: 4 Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps Rounds Per Box: 25 Boxes Per Case: 10 Shot Type: Steel Application: Hunting Black Cloud featuring the FliteControl wad and FliteStopper steel is unlike any other steel shot ever introduced. The FliteControl wad tightens patterns for long range effectiveness and FliteStopper steel shot pellets wreak havoc on unsuspecting waterfowl. This product will change the way you view standard steel ammunition. SKU: 531