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35 months ago
Federal® Gold Medal® Shot Shells. Federal® turns out the highest quality target ammo in the world, and that includes Gold Medal® Shotshells. You get the hardest pellets and Federal's exclusive lead styphnate primers.This is high quality ammo for clay targets or small game hunting. Don't forget to load up on Pellets-00 Buckshot at discount prices.Gauge: .410Shell Length: 2 1/2" / 63 1/2mmDram Equiv.: MAXShot Weight Oz. / grams: 1/2 oz. / 14.17 gm.Shot Size: #8 1/2, 9Muzzle Velocity: 1230 F.P.S.State Shot Size, as available in the Shopping Cart. Order Now! Item number: E704N-36120