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18 months ago
Quick Overview If you live in AK, CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, or NY, please read our ammo shipping restrictions before placing your order. All California ammunition orders must be shipped to DOJ approved FFL dealer. More CA Info. SKU: 50971 UPC: 020892001015 MFR#: X416 Win X416 Super-X High Brass 410 ga 2.5" 1/2 oz 6 Shot 25Box/10Case
31 months ago
This Winchester® PDX1 .410 Defense Ammo combines plated Defense Disc™ projectiles with plated BB shot for a short-range, fail-safe blast of stopping power. The 2 1/2" shells have 3 Defense Discs and 12 pellets. The 3" shells have 4 Defense Discs and 16 pellets. Effective and hard-hitting in extreme quick-fire situations! Order yours ONLINE today! Winchester® PDX1 .410 Defense Ammo 10 rounds, 2 1/2" Winchester® 4 DD / 16 BB PDX1.410 Defense Ammo 10 rounds, 3" SKU#: 186461
35 months ago
Winchester® Super-XTM High Brass Game Loads for maximum performance in the field or woods, you can depend on. Want better, more dependable knock-down power? Then load up with the legendary Super-XTM ammunition made with the same skill, care and quality as when first introduced in 1922.Today Super-X is made using precise manufacturing processes and the highest quality components to provide consistent, dependable performance that generations of shooters continue to rely upon.
36 months ago
Winchester® AA® Shotshells. Gauge: .410 Shell Length: 2 1/2" Dram Equiv.: Max. Shot Ozs.: 1/2 oz. Shot Size: #9 Velocity: 1,200.Don't rack another Shell in your chamber before stocking up on Winchester® AA®, right here! Item number: F648A-26527 UPC#: 020892004474 ($10.44)
43 months ago
Super-X® Rifled Slugs. Smooth bore? Get flatter-shooting, harder-hitting Slugs here! SAVE BIG! Super-X is the standard for smooth-bore slug hunting. Hunters marvel at how flat the Super-X load flies, and they swear by its knock-down power. Excellent performance and moderate recoil. Comes 5 rds. to a box.Gauge: 410 Shell Length: 3" Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S): 1,800 Slug Weight (ozs.): 1/4.Get stocked for hunting season! SKU#: F615A-95657 UPC#: 020892016538 ($5.03)
72 months ago
Give your .410 a boost! Get the stopping power you need to take down larger, furbearing game with Super-X® Buckshot from Winchester®. Only the highest-quality materials and precision production go in, delivering the shot-to-shot dependability you want. 5-pellet, un-plated shot, with a velocity of 1,135 F.P.S. Order yours ONLINE today! 5 rounds Winchester® Super-X® .410 2 1/2" 000" Buckshot (3 Pellets) 5 rounds Winchester® Super-X® .410 3" "000" Buckshot (5 Pellets) SKU#: 166204