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1 week ago
$0.52 ppr $517.99
Description Specs Affordable Practice/Plinker Price - Good Enough for Duty/Competition Use Magtech First Defense .300 AAC Blackout 123-grain FMJ ammo offers the performance of a premium load at the price of practice ammo. Magtech manufactures this clean-shooting, brass-cased .300 AAC Blackout 123-grain FMJ ammunition entirely in-house with high-grade, rigidly quality-controlled components. - Supersonic (2,230 fps), good for tactical, competition and Hunting - Primer & bullet are sealed to keep out moisture during long-term storage
20 months ago
$0.54 ppr $26.99
50 round box of 300 Blackout 123 Grain FMJ Magtech Ammo for sale, sku number 300BLKA. This is high quality brass case, boxer primer, non-magnetic 300 AAC blackout ammo available at a special purchase price. Do not miss out on this great ammo deal, high quality 300 blackout at a discounted price. SKU#: MTG - 300BLKA