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1 month ago
Remington®'s Gun Club™ Target Loads have taken shot-to-shot consistency to a new performance level, while providing handloaders with unequaled reloading ease and hull longevity. Available in most gauges, Remington Gun Club Target Loads are the most consistent, reliable, and reloadable shells you can shoot.
19 months ago
SKU: 560365 The hunter's choice for a wide variety of game-bird applications, available in an exceptionally broad selection of loadings, from 12 gauge to .410, with shot size options ranging from BBs all the way down to #9s, making these high brass Remington® Express® Extra Long-Range Shotgun Shells suitable for everything from quail to farm predators. Remington designed these shells for a wide variety of uses, with the exclusive Power Piston® wad for maximum distance and tight patterns. Velocities up to 1330 fps. Available in a broad selection of loads
25 months ago
Remington Gun Club® Target Loads 20 Gauge 7.5 Shotshells Specifications Gauge/bore: 20 Shell length (in.): 2-3/4 Ounce shot: 7/8 Shot size: 7-1/2 Number of rounds: 25 Hunting - Shot Type: Lead Hunting - Species: Dove/Quail What's in the Box SKU#: 022396006
25 months ago
Bag some birds on your next hunting trip with the Remington Game Load 20 Gauge Shotshells. Recommended for hunting dove and quail, these shotshells have a 2.75-inch length and a 7.5 shot size. 25-round box. Made in USA. Features and Benefits - 2.75-inch shell length - 20 gauge - 25-round box - Made in USA - Recommended for dove and quail hunting - 7.5 shot size - 7/8-ounce shot Specifications - Gauge/bore: 20 - Number of rounds: 25 - Shell length (in.): 2.75 - Shot size: 7.5 - Ounce shot: 7/8 SKU#: 120290911 MPN#: 20042 UPC#: 047700040301