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1 month ago
Winchester Ammo AA129 AA Light Target Load 12 Gauge 2.75\\\" 1 1/8 oz 9 Shot 25 Bx/ 10 Cs Specifications Gauge: 12 Gauge Type: Lead Length: 2.75" Ounces: 1 1/8 oz Shot size: 9 Muzzle velocity: 1145 fps Rounds per box: 25 Boxes per case: 10 Application: Sporting Clays/Trap UPC#: 00020892004436
5 months ago
Additional Information Features Get consistent, dependable performance steel shotshells at a great value with XPert Steel Loads from Winchester. Powerful brass produces long-range knock-down results. One-piece hinged wad for consistent, tight patterns and reduced felt-recoil. These XPert shotshells are equipped with the famous 209 primer and clean burning powder to generate reliable ignition and consistent velocity. Box of 25 rounds. Powerful high brass for long-range performance One-piece hinged wad Consistent, tight patterns & proven dependability
23 months ago
Up to $100 Rebate Offer Minimum Purchase 8 Boxes ($16 Winchester Ammunition Check) Maximum Purchase 50 Boxes ($100 Winchester Ammunition Check) For decades, Winchester AA Target Loads have set the standard for excellence, performance and consistency. They're the overwhelming choice of shooters the world over. They produce outstanding results for everything from sporting clays to trap and skeet. Add to this highly competitive pricing and AA Target Loads represent a great value. 25 shells per box; 10 boxes per case. Sold per case.
31 months ago
Winchester Military 12Ga 2.75" Buckshot 5 250 (Q1544) was developed as a military-grade shotshell that is ideal for either big game hunting or personal defense, Winchester Q1544 military-grade buckshot is designed to showcase the proven performance characteristic of all Winchester ammunition through its consistency and tight, even patterns. Each box contains five 12-gauge shotshells, each of which measures 2 3/4 inches in length and contains nine pellets of double-aught (00) buckshot in Grex buffering. These premium shotshells are perfect for use with any 12-gauge hunting or defense shotgun.
34 months ago
With 250% more trauma-causing power and 15% more pellets per shell, ducks and geese won’t know what hit them. Game-changing hexahedron-shaped pellets crumple waterfowl with a six-sided punch that cuts through feathers and keeps going. Unlike round shot, Hex shot focuses energy transfer and concentrates blunt-force trauma with sharp corners and flat sides for massive wound channels and flight-stopping shock. Space-optimizing Hex™ shot also provides superior packing density by stacking gap-free in the shot cup.
52 months ago
10 rounds Winchester® High Velocity Copper Plated Turkey Shotshells. USA MADE quality... winner of four straight National Wild Turkey Federation's National Still Target Championships! High Velocity Turkey Loads are the most technologically advanced, hardest hitting Turkey Loads ever developed!Featuring true magnum energy, and a scorching muzzle velocity of 1,300 f.p.s.!  Gauge: 12Length: 3 1/2"Velocity: 1,300 f.p.s.Oz. Shot: 2Shot Size: 4, 5, 6State Size, as available in the Shopping Cart. Order Today!  SKU#: W615B-166903
66 months ago
As the white-wing dove population expands North from the Southwest brush country, hunters are facing a new challenge when it comes to bagging a limit of these high- and fast-flying birds. These special loads are Winchester’s answer. They feature bigger payloads than standard heavy game loads for dense, hard-hitting long-range patterns, yet they keep recoil manageable for comfortable high-volume shooting. No. 6-shot is a perfect pheasant load, and hard-to-find No. 7 and No.8 shot are great for grouse, chukar and quail after dove season closes. 25 rounds per box. 10 boxes per case.