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30 months ago
$0.25 ppr $12.34
Magtech Ammo, made by CBC in Brazil. CBC - or Companhia Brasiliera de Cartuchos -specializes in production of small and medium calibers, so you know you're getting a quality product. FMC Ammo is fully-jacketed like FMJ, but has a gas check on the bottom, so there's no exposed lead at the range OR in your barrel. Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 71514 Mfg. Number: 380A UPC: 380A Rounds: 50 Caliber: .38 Special Bullet Weight: 95 grain Bullet Style: FMC (Full Metal Case) Muzzle Velocity: 951 FPS Muzzle Energy: 190 ft.-lbs.
67 months ago
$0.45 ppr $22.41
Magtech® Handgun Ammo - accurate and reliable. Brass-cased, non-corrosive, Boxer-primed and fully reloadable. Order ONLINE Now! MAGTECH® PISTOL AMMO - BOX OF 50 FMC = Full Metal Case JHP = Jacketed Hollow-Point LRN = Lead Round Nose SKU#: 85445 85445 .380 Auto Ammo LRN 95 951 190