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4 months ago
Item Number: 56808 Hornady 380 ACP 90Gr FTX Critical Defense 25pk Ammo The Hornady Critical Defense line of personal defense ammunition has added 44 Special and 45 Colt to the lineup. Loaded with the patented FTX bullet, these bullets offer expansion even through heavy clothing. The 45 Colt has been maximized for performance in the short-barreled platform of the Taurus Judge and both loadings offer real man-stopping power. FEATURES - Unaffected by thick and heavy clothing, including denim and leather.
9 months ago
25 rounds .380 Auto Hornady® Critical DefenseTM Handgun Ammo.Hollow point bullets don't always work when compromised by an attacker's clothing, especially denim and leather. NOT with Hornady Critical Defense. Its patented polymer Flex Tip® design always delivers big, controlled expansion.Clean-burning, stable propellantsMinimal muzzle flash to protect night visionShiny silver nickel-plated cases resist corrosionSmooth feedingCartridge: .380 Auto AmmoBullet Weight (grain): 90Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S): 1,000Muzzle (ft.-lbs.): 200Bullet Style: FTXTMBullet Rounds: 25!!! Limited Quantities !!!
17 months ago
Details Hornady Critical Defense .380ACP 90gr FTX 25rds 90080 MFR#: 90080 UPC: 90255900804 Rounds per Box: 25 Muzzle Energy: 200 ft. lbs Muzzle Velocity: 1000 fps Features All Critical Defense® ammunition is loaded in nickel cases for increased visibility in low-light situations. Premium low fl ash propellants deliver proven performance, even in very shortbarreled handguns, and won't disrupt your vision. Reliable expansion and dependable terminal performance can be counted on for concealed carry/personal protection. MPN#: 8774