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39 months ago
Remington® Rifle Ammunition. Remington Green Box: Cases made of high-grade 70-30 brass featuring Kleenbore® primers.Caliber: .300 Win.® Mag. AmmoBullet Weight Grains: 180Bullet Style: PSP Core-Lokt® (Pointed Soft-Point)Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S.): 2,960Muzzle Energy (ft. / lbs.): 3,501. SKU#: F631A-14037 UPC#: 047700055800
49 months ago , by Dealer
Please Note: Image may not be the actual representation of the item. Please verify the item by reading the complete description before purchasing. .300 Winchester Magnum 150 Grain Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt Mfg Item Num: R300W1 Caliber-Gauge: .300 WIN. MAG. Item Code: R300W1 Quantity: 20 rounds