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11 months ago
20 rds. of G2RTM R.I.P. .45 ACP 162 Grain Hollow Point Ammo. A personal defense round that's every bit as mean as it looks. Talk about a projectile with "teeth"... the R.I.P. bites like no other! Short for "Radically Invasive Projectile," the R.I.P. round features a trocar tip cut into 8 sections that break off in different directions as it penetrates, leaving a big, ugly core to follow behind. Maximum wounding, maximum defense. Specs: 162-grain solid copper / lead-free bullet delivers 9 separate wound channels 13"-16" of penetration, with a 6.5"-8" diameter spread
24 months ago
Product Information - Cartridge: 45 ACP - Grain Weight: 164 Grains - Quantity: 20 Round - Muzzle Velocity: 950 Feet Per Second - Muzzle Energy: 329 Foot Pounds - Bullet Type: Copper Expansion Projectile - Bullet Brand And Model: G2 R.I.P. UPC#: 851412006179