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1 week ago
Highly reliable ammunition Standard-weight FMJ bullets Delivers excellent accuracy Affordable bulk price Full power loads Brass cases SKU: 2388971 Web ID: 184043
2 weeks ago
Highly reliable ammunition Delivers excellent accuracy Affordable bulk price Reduced barrel fouling Web ID: 15013008022353
2 months ago
Offering performance and reliability, Winchester Win 1911 Ammo is specifically designed for use in 1911 firearms. The prime choice for personal defense or training. Matched for ballistic performance and engineered for the same feel and function. Comes in a box of 50 rounds. - Specifically for use in 1911 firearms - Personal defense or training ammo - Ballistically matched with sure functioning - Box of 50 rounds Specs Caliber .45 ACP Bullet Weight 230 gr. Bullet Type FMJ Muzzle Velocity 880 fps Quantity 50 ITEM: 203661
24 months ago
Winchester USA Bulk Handgun Ammunition is a practical choice for serious shooters who demand reliable, accurate ammunition at an affordable bulk price. Standard-weight FMJ bullets minimize the need for sight adjustment to handguns sighted in with JHP or JSP self-defense rounds. Premium components are loaded to full power to ensure reliable function in critical situations, yet the value pricing makes it great for tactical firearms training, informal target practice, or stockpiling for emergencies. Reloadable brass cases. Made in USA. SKU#: 219874
49 months ago , by Dealer
Winchester Military Service Grade is an excellent choice for competitive and recreational shooting applications. This fantastic ammunition is well known to provide excellent results delivering excellent accuracy and reliability. If you are planning on doing any high volume training hitting the IDPA IPSC GSSF or any number of competitive pistol shooting Winchester Military Service Grade will serve you well. WIN SG45W 45ACP SRV GRD FMJ 50/10 Mfg Item Num: SG45W Model Number: Military Service Grade Purpose: Personal Protection/Target Series: 45 ACP FMJ Unit of measure: BX
79 months ago
For serious centerfire handgun shooters, U.S.A. Brand ammunition is the ideal choice for training or extended sessions at the range. All U.S.A. Brand centerfire handgun ammunition features high reliability at a low price. Order ONLINE! WINCHESTER® U.S.A. PISTOL AMMO FMJ = Full Metal Jacket JSP = Jacket Soft Point FJMFN = Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose SKU#: 1E643J-12053 12053 .45 Auto Ammo 230 FMJ 835 356 50