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2 months ago
Hornady has had two instant successes with their 17 HMR and the 17 HM2. These small cartridges provide tack driving accuracy. The 17 HMR ammo is loaded with the potent 17 gr V-Max varmint bullet and has a muzzle velocity of approximately 2,550 fps. The 17 HM2 has the same 17 gr V-Max and puts the bullet out at approximately 2,100 fps. All 17 caliber ammo is available in boxes of 50 or bricks of 500. The 17 HMR is , available in 2,000 round cases while the 17 HM2 comes in standard cases of 5,000. ITEM DETAILS 105-201-301WB Mfr Part: 83170 Brand Style: Varmint Express
6 months ago
Loaded with hard-hitting V-MAX® bullets, the polymer tip delivers more than tack-driving accuracy. The flat trajectory delivered by the .17 HMR makes it the most accurate long-range rimfire. Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 80625 Mfg. Number: 83170/AK UPC: 090255831702 Caliber: .17 HMR Bullet Weight: 17 grain Bullet Style: V-MAX Muzzle Velocity: 2,550 FPS Muzzle Energy: 245 ft.-lbs. Corrosive: No Rounds: 500 Back to top Item number: WX2-80625
30 months ago
The .17HMR dispatches varmints and small game with lightning-like authority. Maximize the accuracy of your firearm and bullet performance with this ammo. Per box, 50 rounds. Made in USA. Available: Hornady .17HMR 17-Gr. V-Max, Per 50 Item: IK-214634
34 months ago
Hornady® Ammunition. V-MAXTM Varmint ExpressTM: Very low drag and flatter trajectory for vital long-range shots.Bullet Caliber: .17 HMR Ammo Bullet Weight Grains: 17 Bullet Style: V-MAXMuzzle Velocity (F.P.S.): 2,550 Muzzle Energy (Ft.-lbs.): 245 Rounds Per Box: 250 V-Max = Polymer Tip Bullet Order Today! SKU#: F644A-80624
39 months ago
V - MAX Varmint Express! /b> Drill with skill! V-MAX Varmint Express. Very low drag and flatter trajectory for vital long-range shots. Loaded with Interlock™bullets, outperforming ammo the average hand loader produces. Muzzle Velocity: 2,550 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 245 ft.-lbs. - Caliber: .17 HMR - Bullet Wt. Grs.: 17 - Bullet Style: V-MAX¿ - Muzzle Velocity (F.P.S.): 2,550 - Muzzle Energy (ft.-lbs.): 245 - Rds. Per Box: 50 Item # F720A-71338