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27 months ago
50 round box - 17 HMR Winchester Supreme 17 grain V-Max Ammo - Black Label Box 5 boxes per brick, 20 boxes per case SKU#: S17HMR1
52 months ago
Winchester Varmint HV is the rimfire load designed for both varmints and small game hunting. Combining high velocity with precision accuracy, this load provides the lethal performance needed for long-range situations. Clean burning powder assures consistent chamber pressures. ITEM DETAILS Application: Hunting, Plinking, Target Brand Style: Varmint HV Bullet Style: V-Max Bullet Weight (Grains): 17 Cartridge: 17 HMR Hunting Type: Varmint Muzzle Energy: 157 Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2040 Rounds: 50 Made in the USA SKU#: S17HMR1
89 months ago
The 17-gr. V-Max™ Silvertip bullet stops small game and varmints in their tracks. Excellent accuracy for both hunting and plinking. Per 50. Item: IK-216477