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1 hour ago
For those shooters who have been itching to give their wheel gun some much-needed range time, this 500-round bulk case of 45 Long Colt Performance Wheel Gun ammo from Remington will do the trick. The 45 Long Colt is a classic caliber, popular since its inception in the 1870's. This particular cartridge is good for revolvers and lever rifles.
1 month ago
Providing consistency, accuracy, and iron-clad reliability, Remington Performance WheelGun ammunition is engineered to take your revolver and lever rifle skills to the next level. The lead-round nose bullet offers greater penetration, making it ideal for target shooting, casual shooting, and training. Lead semi-wadcutter bullets have a flat nose and a sharper shoulder to ensure clean, round holes on paper targets. Made with high-quality components and Remington Kleanbore priming that will not rust or corrode barrel. 50 rounds per box. Engineered for revolvers and lever-actions