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17 months ago , by Dealer
$0.05 ppr $250.00
Caliber: .22LR (rimfire) Suggested Use: Target & Match, Range, Plinking, Varmint Hunting Bullet Features: Accurate, Positive Functioning, Fast Moving & Hard Hitting bullet that expands on impact Quality: Most Sellier & Bellot products are manufactured to SAAMI or CIP specifications. Warning: Read all warnings on the box prior to use. Casing: Factory Brass Bullet Style: Lead Round Nose Bullet Weight (Grains): 40 Muzzle Velocity (FPS): 1,230 Muzzle Energy (Ft. Lbs.): 125 SKU: 22B-LRN-CASE
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19 months ago
$0.06 ppr $2.89
Magtech ® .22LR Ammunition. This brass-cased Magtech ® .22LR Ammunition is great for plinking and small game hunting. Choose varied velocities and lead round nose (LRN) or leade hollow point (LHP) bullets.Get yours ONLINE now!Stock No. 94169:Caliber: .22LR Bullet Wt. Grs.: 40 Bullet Style: LRN Muzzle Velocity: 1,135 Muzzle Energy: 112 Rds. Per Box: 50 WARNING:You must be 21 or older to purchase Ammunition. We do not accept returns of Ammunition for safety reasons. NEVER use any Ammunition unless it is specifically designed for your firearm. Back to top Item number: WX2-94169
23 months ago , by Dealer
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