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19 months ago
$0.12 ppr $599.90
Bullet Type: Solid, Match Grade for Rifle or Pistol Bullet Weight: 40gr Bullet Jacket: Solid Lead Case: Brass Velocity: 1,050 ft/s Powder: Vihtavuori Primer: Rimfire Amount: 5000 Round Case Notes: One of the tightest and best grouping rimfire cartridges available in the world. Using the highest quality brass and a proprietary manufacturing technique yields virtually no case variances that delivers unmatched accuracy. Clean burning Vihtavuori powder and ultra reliable primer ignition SKU: 645611222214c
34 months ago
$0.12 ppr $588.99
Introducing Wolf® .22 - caliber Long Rifle Match Target Ammo Tight groupings, unmatched accuracy and reliability. Brass case, non-corrosive, 40-grain solid bullet. Muzzle Velocity: 1,050 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 98 ft.-lbs. Please Note: Made in Germany. UPC#: 645611222221 ($605.99) ITEM # WX2-154034