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17 months ago
KOENIG Defense is a new line of ammunition developed for self-defense training. Created by Doug Koenig and industry leading manufacturers of defense ammunition, the 110-grain JHP provides the power and speed you need with velocity tests recorded between 1250 and 1300 FPS.Now available in 9mm and .38 Super, the KOENIG Defense round features the highest quality components available that perform with a difference you can feel.
17 months ago
KOENIG Competition is a new line of ammunition created with custom configuration by Doug Koenig and the help of several industry leading manufacturers. The cartridge features a lighter 110-grain JHP bullet and a load specified for speed and better balance while competing.Available in 9mm and 38 Super, testing showed optimal performance with each caliber hitting 1 groupings at 50 yards.
49 months ago
Developed by Doug Koenig JHP bullet at optimum velocity High-quality components Item: IK-219995
Cabela's 548