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67 months ago
Become a target destroyer! Take this hard-hitting Wolf® Ammo to the range or back 40 and let it fly. You'll get reliable feeding and top performance, round after round. Straight from Russia, stock up here at a great price! Comes 30 rds. per box, 750 rds. per case. Take a shot: - Polymer-coated steel case - 55-grain - Soft point bullet - Berdan primed - Non-corrosive - Current production - Non-reloadable - Muzzle Velocity: 2,890 F.P.S. - Muzzle Energy: 1,020 ft.-lbs. Order yours ONLINE now!
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73 months ago
Wolf® WPATM 5.45x39mm HP Ammo. PRICED LOW! Cheap plinking! Lead-core FMJHP bullet Steel case Berdan-primed, non-reloadable Thin polymer coating Muzzle Velocity: 3,241 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 1,148 ft.-lbs. Item number: WX2-219715 UPC#: 645611561269 ($189.99)