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9 months ago
Federal Ammo AE17WSM1 17 Winchester Super Mag (WSM) 20GR Tipped Varmint 50Bx/10Cs a non-corrosive powder and expands at impact. The suggested use is for varmints. SKU: swvAE17WSM1
9 months ago , by Dealer
20 Grain Tipped Varmint load comes out of the barrel at a blazing 3000 feet per second. With this kind of stopping power guaranteed to put your target down round after round. American Eagle .17 Winchester Super Magnum 20 Grain Tipped Varmint Mfg Item Num: AE17WSM1 Caliber-Gauge: .17 WSM Item Code: AE17WSM1 Quantity: 50 rounds