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3 months ago , by Dealer
Proprietary Matrix (copper/polymer) initiates rapid expansion Tip fragments upon impact to present large expanding hollow point Improved ballistic coefficient with added on-target energy transfer Designed specifically for whitetail, blacktail, mule deer and antelope Expansion energy is efficiently and effectively transferred on target Caliber - 30-06 Springfield Bullet Type - Matrix Tip Bullet Weight - 155 GR Muzzle Energy - 2934 ft lb Muzzle Velocity - 2920 fps Rounds Per Box - 20
4 months ago , by Dealer
Brass tip allows for deep penetration through tough hide and bone Combining heavier weights with a boat-tail design increases downrange velocity, accuracy and energy Overall bullet design achieves deep and consistent penetration on large animals Bonding aids in weight retention, penetration and overall bullet integrity Caliber - 30-06 Springfield Bullet Type - Terminal Tip Bullet Weight - 185 GR Muzzle Energy - 2994 ft lb Muzzle Velocity - 2700 fps