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51 months ago , by Dealer
$0.54 ppr $269.90
Remington UMC 44 Remington Magnum Ammo 180 Grain Jacketed Soft Point - L44MG7
65 months ago
$0.60 ppr $29.92
emington® UMC® Handgun .44 Rem.® Mag 180 Grain JSP 50 rounds - For practice, target shooting, training exercises or any other high-volume shooting situation UMC® centerfire pistol and revolver ammunition offers value without any compromise in quality or performance. Made with Remington® components right here in the USA, UMC handgun ammunition is available in today s most popular pistol and revolver calibers with metal case or jacketed hollow point bullets. UMC ammunition provides shooters with the optimum blend of value and performance.